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KIM 2M/9 Conveyance by Robert Wyngefeld, Kt., and his wife Ann, William Berdwell, senior, Edmund Bokenham, Esqs., John Paynot and Laurence Gerard, clerks, to George, Duke of Clarence, John, Duke of Norfolk, Antony Wodevyle, lord of Scales, John Wyngefeld, Kt., William Knyvet and William Brandon, Esqs., and Geoffrey Robyns, Manor of Barnham Broom, land in Barnham Broom, Colton and Bixton. File 9 Apr 1467
KIM 2M/1 Conveyance by Ralph de Hakeford and wife Muriel to Sir Constantine de Mortuomari, Kt., wife Sybil and his heirs, of land in Barnham File 5 Apr 1310
KIM 2M/4 Conveyance by George, son of Walter of [-] to Simon Bude of Barnham, of land in Barnham File nd [1327-1377]
KIM 2M/10 Copy of Appointment (the original is KIM 2Q/18) File 9 Apr 1467
KIM 2M/13-28 Title deeds to estates in Barnham Broom File 1501-1663
KIM 2M/2 Conveyance for life by Constantine de Mortuo Mari of Attleborough, Kt., and wife Sybil to Katherine de Surlingham of property and land in Bixton File 29 Aug 1322
KIM 2M/5 Conveyance by Nicholas de Reppes of Barnham to William Toppe of Wicklewood, Thomas Hales, John atte Cros, sen., and John, parson of Barnham, of land in Barnham File 15 Dec 1399
KIM 2M/6 Quitclaim by John Robert of Welborne to William Sybeton of Barnham of land in Barnham File 27 Oct 1412
KIM 2M/11 Parchment with copies of two deeds File 1465, 1473
KIM 2M/3 Conveyance by Robert de Mortuomari, Kt., to Thomas de Schardelowe, George de Felbrygges, Thomas Caus, Thomas Chaunteiler, William atte Woud, parson of Scoulton and Henry de Pakenham, of the manor of Barnham File 30 May 1374
KIM 2M/7 Conveyance by Robert Wylughby, Lord de Wylughby, John Fastolfe and ?Inglose, Kts., Nicholas Bokkyng, John Holdernesse and John Berkyng, to Robert Mortymere, Esq., and Sibil, his wife, of Barnham and Bixton manors File 26 Apr 1449
KIM 2M/8 Conveyance by John, clerk, son and heir of late William Sypton of Barnham Broom, and Thomas, chaplain, his brother, to Henry Shrymplyng, Eustace Laus ? of Barnham, William Cappe and John Westgate of Brandon, of a messuage in Barnham Broom File 5 Feb 1451
KIM 2M/12 Conveyance by William Lombe of Wymondham, Richard Toke, clerk, rector of Barnham Broom, and John Hobbys to John Emundys, son of Robert Emundys of Barnham and Thomas Buk of Brandon next Barnham Broom, of a messuage and land in Barnham Broom File 15 May 1484