Income Tax Claims concerning Charity Lands Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SF 285/10/3, 301X2 Hingham Meeting House and cottage, Norfolk: £1 13s. 3d. claim. File nd
SF 285/10/4, 301X2 Fakenham Meeting House Fund: £3 2s. 2d. claim. File nd
SF 285/10/5, 301X2 Notes on expenses and receipts of certain Trusts over a period of 3 years. File nd
SF 285/10/6, 301X2 Several blank forms. File nd
SF 285/10/1, 301X2 Henrietta Gurney's legacy for Poor Friends File 1903
SF 285/10/2, 301X2 Samuel Robin's Gift: £26 1s. claim for 3 years ending 5 April 1903. File 1903