Humphrey Prideaux (Dean, 1702-1724) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DCN 115/6 'Dean Prideaux's MSS Book' File 1702-1724
Letters Series 1701-1723
Diaries Series 1694-1724
DCN 115/1 Dean Prideaux's Diary Volume I File 1694-1703
DCN 115/3 Dean Prideaux's Diary Volume III, 1713-1724 File 1713-1771
Collections and transcriptions Series early 18th century
DCN 115/5 Liber Rerum Notabilia File nd [c 1724]
DCN 115/11 'Prideaux's notes from first cartulary' (i.e. from Registrum Primum) File nd
DCN 115/12 Letters to Dean Prideaux File 1701-1723
DCN 115/2 Dean Prideaux's Diary Volume II File 1703-1713
DCN 115/8 Chartae et Statutae Eccles. Cath. Norwic. File nd [18th century]
DCN 115/10 'Ecclesiastical Collections of Dean Prideaux' File nd
DCN 115/4 De Eccles, Norwic. File nd [18th century]
DCN 115/7 'Moral Sentiments and Extracts' File 1702-1724
DCN 115/9 'Historical Collections relating to the Church of Norwich' File nd