Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Weights and Measures Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Y/WM/1 Order in Council (copy) specifying fees to be taken by Inspectors of Weights and Measures at Yarmouth and elsewhere File 1880
Y/WM/3 Circular of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries re the application of the Cran Measures Act of 1911 at Yarmouth and Grimsby and in East Suffolk File 1911
Y/WM/13-50 Inspector's annual reports File 1909-1959
Y/WM/68 Cran Measures Act, register of fees File 1911-1974
Y/WM/70 Great Yarmouth County Borough, register of instruments used for the measurement of liquid fuel and lubricating oil File 1931-1966
Y/WM/71 Particulars of prosecutions File 1921-1977
Y/WM/72 Office Diary for 1938 reused as a presscuttings book File 1938-1986
Y/WM/73 Official copy of Order of Board of Agriculture and Fisheries that Cran Fisheries Act, 1908, shall be in force in County Borough of Great Yarmouth including the sea adjoining. File 24 Oct 1908
Y/WM/2 Regulations governing the inspection of weights and measures at Yarmouth File 1891
Y/WM/4-12 Indentures of verification of Standard weights and measures File 1923-1962
Y/WM/60 Receipt from the Town Clerk for indentures of verification File 1916
Y/WM/69 Record of Standards (reverification of weights and measures) File 1908-1973
Y/WM/75 Agreement between East Suffolk County Council and Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of County Borough of Great Yarmouth under Weights and Measures Act, 1963 File 5 Aug 1965
Y/WM/67 Inspector's warrant File 1946
Y/WM/74 Extract from minutes [of Great Yarmouth Borough Council General Purposes Committee] regarding reduction of fee for verification and branding of quarter-cran measures and desirability of universal mark. File [3 Feb 1911]
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