Gt. Yarmouth Borough: deposited records Inventory list

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Y/D 1 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds Sub-fonds 1682-1851
Y/D 1/2 Two tenements lately Thomas Waters'. Lease (lacking Release) from John and Esther Cooper to John Smith File 1718
Y/D 2 Preston Family as Vice-consuls Sub-fonds 1713-1890
Y/D 2/1 Yarmouth Corporation Assembly minutes (copy) containing Attorney General's Opinion re local admiralty jurisdiction File 1713
Y/D 2/2 Commission of Isaac Preston as Ottoman vice-consul at Yarmouth File 1844
Y/D 2/3-9 Commission of Edward H.L. Preston as Mecklenburg-Shwerin vice-consul at Yarmouth, order of Queen Victoria approving same, and correspondence File 1847
Y/D 2/10-16 Instructions to Preston from Shwerin, inc. specifications for uniforms and cloth samples File 1847-1854
Y/D 3 Appointment of John Bell as collector of duties on Slate and Stone Sub-fonds 1794
Y/D 3/1 Appointment of John Bell as collector of duties on slate and stone brought by sea to Yarmouth File 1794
Y/D 4 Great Yarmouth Sessions Indictments Sub-fonds 1692-1814
Y/D 5 Great Yarmouth Borough Court Files Sub-fonds 1698-1785
Y/D 5/1-6 Borough Court Files File 1698-1785
Y/D 6/1 Messuage and Pightle lately Piles'. Release from William Bazeden to George England, John Woodroffe, Michael Tills and Gabriel Woodroffe File 1664
Y/D 8 Great Yarmouth Title Deeds Sub-fonds 1794-1841
Y/D 10/1-26 Row 135 File 1704-1880
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