Gillingham Estate Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
GIL 4/93, 718X6 Letter from Henry Felton, Playford, Suffolk, to his kinsman Sir Henry Bacon, Blundeston, Suffolk File 1664
GIL 4/99, 718X6 Bill of Anne Bassitt to Bacon for nursing Mrs Blowers File 1723
GIL 4/117/1-5, 718X6 Blank writs of summons to Bury Assizes File 1729
GIL 4/125, 718X6 Letters Patent of George II appointing Bacon one of the customers of the port of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. File 1729
GIL 4/127-128, 718X6 Two letters from Matilda Lockwood. File nd [1730s]
GIL 4/132, 718X6 Letter to Schutz's father, John Schutz of Sion, from J.A. Beaumont, Geneva File 1752
GIL 4/136, 718X6 Settlement (monetary) before marriage between Major General Sir Thomas Reynell and Lady Elizabeth Louisa Pack File 1831
GIL 4/145-148, 718X7 Leasehold documents re tithes of corn, grass, saffron etc. in fields of Cambridge and Barnwell save tithe of grass in close lying unto the College File 1555-1601
GIL 4/154, 718X7 Bond obliging William and John James to pay £100 to John Munford of Egmere File 1601
GIL 4/162, 718X7 Letter from Thomas French, Cambridge, to Weston File nd
GIL 4/184-185, 718X8 Account of money expended by Lady Rous since Sir Thomas's death File 1605
GIL 4/187, 718X8 Conveyance by Lady Parnell to Sir John Rous File 1607
GIL 4/193, 718X8 Letter from John Rous, Henham to his sister Anne Rous, Worlingham File 1627
GIL 4/195, 718X8 Deposition by Ralph Smith, Duke's servant, in John Duke, Esq., and others vs John Rous, knight, William Cage, Esq., and others. File 1629
GIL 4/196, 718X8 Notes 'Concerning the £100 due to my wife from my Unkle Hares will' and re claims made by Sir John Rous. File nd
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