Family and Estate Papers of the Ketton-Cremer Family of Felbrigg Hall Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WKC 1/1, 390X7 2 pieces of land in Colby conveyed by Thomas Duning to Robert de Prato de Colby File 1288
MS 15716, 37C1 3 pieces of arable land in Colby convyed by Thomas son of Simon de Witton to Roger Bigot and Maria de Hastings in 1291 File 1291
WKC 1/7, 390X7 Cottage and 2 closes each of 2a. in Colby conveyed by John Bancroft to John Downing in 1626, mortgaged to Robert Harmer 1652, sold to Thomas Windham 1653. File 1626-1653
MS 15742a, MS 15743a, 37C2 Lands in Felmingham which Reginald de Felmingham held of Peter de Felmingham granted by Geoffrey and Godfrey, sons of Peter de Felmingham to William, priest, son of Reginald de Felmingham File 13th century
MS 15743b, 37C2 2r. 16p. in Felmingham conveyed by William son of Adam de Suffield to Godfrey son of Peter de Felmingham File 13th century
MS 15746, 37C2 0.5a. in Felmingham granted by John Taylour, chaplain, and Richard Croul to Adam Gunes and Beatrice his wife in 1335 File 1335
WKC 1/14, 390X7 Rent-charge of 5 marks out of lands in Felmingham, formerly of Thomas de Felmingham granted by John de Reymes to Nicholas his son, who leased it for 5 years to John de Bassingham and Thomas de Felmingham, his brother File 1392
WKC 1/16, 390X7 19.5a. in 17 pieces in Antingham, Felmingham and Suffield File 1505
WKC 1/17, 390X7 Foldcourse in Aylmerton conveyed by Thomas Leveriche to Roger de Felbrigg File 1357
WKC 1/367, 392X9 2a. in Aylmerton, copyhold of manor of Gresham surrendered by Samuel Heaslop, to Richard Heaslopp in 1658 File 1658
MS 15686, 37C1 0.5a. in field of Aylsham granted by Cecilia daughter of Thomas Adhulf to William her brother in 1298 File 1298
WKC 1/33, 390X8 3r. at Le Crane conveyed by William son of John Coci to Ralph de Colby, rector of Thurne in 1325 File 1325
Banningham Sub-sub-series 1287-1646
MS 15689, 37C1 3a. at Morcroft conveyed by Stephen de Ingworth to Geoffrey de Banningham in 1287 File 1287
MS 15701, 37C1 2 messuages, 5a. 2.5r. granted by Eustace de Ca mule, warrener of Sheringham, to Prior and canons of Weybourne, in free alms in 1278 File 1278
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