Episcopal Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DCN 43/5 Grant to Ralph, clerk, church of Scratby File nd [c 1160-1170]
John de Gray Sub-series 1201-1214
DCN 43/9 Grant re St Paul's Hospital Norwich File 17 Mar 1201
DCN 43/14 Appropriation of the church of Sedgeford to the office of cellarer File 16 May 1205
DCN 43/19 Exchange of all rights in Lynn for Sedgeford and Cressingham File 17 May 1205
DCN 43/26 Appropriation of church of Lakenham to monks of Norwich File nd [? 1205]
DCN 43/27 Another version of DCN 43/26 File nd [? 1205]
DCN 43/28 Appropriation of church of Hindringham to monks of cathedral File nd [? 1205]
DCN 43/29 Appropriation of the church of Hindolveston to the monks to the office of cellarer File nd [? 1205]
DCN 43/31 Grant to monks of Norwich of church of St Edmund Hoxne and tithes from assarts of demesne of Homersfield File nd [? 1200-1205]
Thomas de Blunderville Sub-series 1227
DCN 43/37 Grant and confirmation to hospital of St Paul Norwich of churches of St Paul Norwich, St Michael, St Peter, St Andrew and St Margaret Ormesby, tithes of demesne of Ormesby and portions of tithes and manors of Blofield, Bacton, Thorpe, Thornage, Langham, Marsham, Blickling, Taverham, Newton, Filby File 26 Feb 1227
William de Raleigh Sub-series 1241-[1243]
DCN 43/42 Agreement that bishop has granted to prior and convent land in Thornham File 22 Dec 1242
Walter Suffield Sub-series 1245-1256
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