Diocese of Norwich: Miscellanea Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DN/MSC 4/9/20 Settlement certificate: Lord, William, carpenter, Mary his wife and Elizabeth (3) Item 30 Jan 1766
DN/MSC 4/9/32 Settlement certificate: Osborne, William, husbandman, Mary his wife, Rosamund and Elizabeth Item 27 Mar 1777
DN/MSC 4/9/33 Settlement certificate: Sayer, Charles, brickmaker, Hannah his wife, John (15), Charles (14), Daniel (12), Elizabeth (11), Jane (7) and Benjamin (4) Item 5 Apr 1779
DN/MSC 4/9/36 Settlement certificate: Knights, John, singleman (38) Item 22 Apr 1782
DN/MSC 4/9/39 Settlement certificate: Meek, Mary, pregnant singlewoman Item 27 Mar 1784
DN/MSC 4/9/43 Settlement certificate: Barker, Robert, cordwainer (25), Elizabeth his wife (22) and Maria (6 mths) Item 4 May 1789
DN/MSC 4/9/50 Settlement certificate: Gunn, Daniel, husbandman, Elizabeth his wife and John (15 mths) Item 1794
DN/MSC 4/15 Articles of agreement between John Dennis of Burnham Overy and William Brooke and William Lovick on behalf of Mary Dennis, on their divorce File 1748
DN/MSC 4/16 Note of the presentation of faculty petitions for Worthing and Tuttington File 1749
DN/MSC 4/32 Receipts for quitrents of the manor of Forncett File 1769, 1781
DN/MSC 4/34 Copy of will of James Thompson of Norwich with accounts and inventories, 1767; accounts and inventories of the goods of Edmund Baldry and widow Thompson, 1787-1789, with balance sheets, 1792-1793. File 1767-1793
DN/MSC 5/10 Answers by Thomas Taylor to libel File 1783
DN/MSC 6/1 Marriage settlement of Elizabeth Fair and William Whitlam File 1788
DN/MSC 6/4 Reports on the condition of Hevingham glebe buildings File 1790
DN/MSC 6/8 List of deaneries and parishes which have not paid visitation fees File 1794
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