Caxtons Manor in Little Cornard, Suffolk, Manor Records and Title Deeds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WLS XXXIV/9, 418X4 Extent of manor of Caxtons (inc. Folybrok in Bures), 1475, and rental, 1605 File 1475, 1605
WLS XXXIV/11, 418X4 Rentals File 1443-1694
WLS XXXIV/12, 418X4 Rental File 1515
WLS XXXIV/16, 418X4 Serviens' account for Roger de Grey's manor in Great Cornard File 1361-1362
WLS XXXIV/20, 418X5 Deeds of croft called Muscroft and marsh adjoining File 1654-1714
WLS XXXIV/23, 418X5 Brief in Clarke vs de Grey re land held by John Lorken of the manor of Caxtons File nd [post 1677]
WLS XXXIV/28, 29, 418X6 Conveyance by Thomas de Grey in Trust for William de Grey of the manor of Caxton Hall, farm called Caxtons, cottage called Griggs, eight woods (named) and other property (described) in Little Cornard. File 1770
Manor of Caxtons in Little Cornard Sub-series 1307-1720
WLS XXXIV/1-3, 418X3 Manor court rolls File 1307-1618
WLS XXXIV/4, 418X3 Court book, 1605-1720, and rental, 1605 File 1605-1720
WLS XXXIV/5, 418X3 Extracts from court rolls of the manors of Little Cornard, Cakeston, Fullybrok, Applgare, and Caneworth File 1308-1418
WLS XXXIV/18, 418X5 Miscellaneous deeds File 1612-1826
WLS XXXIV/27, 418X6 Valuations and particulars of the Cornard estate 1768-74, 1798, and correspondence re quit rent payable to the manor of Abbas Hall 1771 File 1768-1798
WLS XXXIV/8, 418X4 Rentals File nd [early 14th century]-1606
WLS XXXIV/13, 418X4 Rental File 1604
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