Bradfer-Lawrence Collection: Bacon of Stiffkey Inventory list

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BL/BC 1 Papers relating to the sale of Stiffkey manor to Sir Nicholas Bacon Series 1569-1575
BL/BC 2/7 Sir Nicholas Bacon, Gorhambury, to Nathaniel Bacon: he is to take charge of goods to sell to make up amount owed to him by the bailiff. File 17 Jul 1574
BL/BC 2/10 Sir Nicholas Bacon, Charing Cross, to Nathaniel Bacon: sends letters to officers at Yarmouth and Lynn ports, of which he should get copies File 22 Jun 1575
BL/BC 2/11 Privy council instructions to the commissioners for piracy File [1577-1578]
BL/BC 2/12 Unsigned warrant to constables of Freebridge to cause persons whose names are written below to appear before us at Walsingham on the following Saturday File 10 Feb 1577
BL/BC 2/13 Sir Nicholas Bacon, from the court, to Sir Thomas Gresham: delighted at birth of son to Nathaniel and Gresham's daughter which he would like to be called Nicholas. File 3 Apr 1577
BL/BC 2/15 Warrant, commissioners of musters to constables of [?Gallow] hundred, signed by Christopher Heydon, William Butts, Nathaniel Bacon and John Walpole File 6 Aug 1577
BL/BC 3/5 Deposition of John Howes in case against John Ferrour File 1 Mar 1581
BL/BC 3/9 Form of oath to be taken by captains of the trained bands File [1585]
BL/BC 4/3 Memorandum book: collection of privy seal loans in Norfolk, in hand of Martin Man File 1589-1592
BL/BC 4/7 Sir Edward Coke, Huntingfield, to Nathaniel Bacon: has talked to his cousin Townshend and will come to Stiffkey to arrange jointure. File 8 Sep [1594]
BL/BC 4/9 Justices in North Norfolk to Sir John Puckering, lord keeper: have levied a rate on the chief inhabitants of Holt hundred as there at least 500 poor persons in the coastal towns which cannot afford relief for them all; Mr Fitt, a chancery man, has refused to pay. [Copy by Martin Man] File [? Dec 1594]
BL/BC 5/7 Commissioners for musters in Norfolk to the privy council: about soldiers for Ireland; copy by Martin Man with modern transcript File ? 2 Dec 1598
BL/BC 5/11 Receipt from Lawrence Rhodes to Martin Man for £149 for pikes, muskets, etc.; with modern transcript File 19 Feb 1600
BL/BC 5/23 Examination of Sir John Heydon before Nathaniel Bacon File 10 Apr 1602
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