Boy's Hospital: Foundation charter, title deeds and accounts Inventory list

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NCR 25e/1363 Manor of Barton Burie Hall. Extract from court roll. Admission of Robert Gyles and Edmund Giles. File 21 Dec 1591
NCR 25e/1366 Feoffment. John Rayley of Norwich, gent., to Robert Bendish, mayor of Norwich, Thomas Thacker and others. File 24 Mar 1672
NCR 25e/1372 Feoffment by John Garrarde of Coltishall, yeoman, granting to John Parker of Pokethorppe, Norwich, gent., and to Edward Warde of Bixteley, esq, the manor of Barton Buryhall, lands and tenements in Barton, Bartonbury Hall, Smalberghe and Beston File 30 Oct 1570
NCR 25e/1374 Indenture: Lease for 500 years. Gregory Mileham of Aldeby, gent., to Lionell Bayspoole of Lincolnes Inne, gent. File 30 Oct 1590
NCR 25e/1375 Quitclaim from Anne Fountayne widow of John Fountayne, esq., to Augustine Sotherton of Hellisdon, gent., and Rose, his wife. File 6 Feb 1631
NCR 25e/1377 Copy of Grant by Henry VIII to Sir William Woodhouse. File 13 Apr 1545
NCR 25e/1379 Bundle of miscellaneous papers re Barton Buryhall File early 17th century
NCR 25e/1380 Manor of Barton Buryhall Extent File 18 Mar 1586
NCR 25e/1388 Feoffment (indented). Christopher Lucas of Racheithe, yeoman, to John Bayspoole, senior, of Barton, gent., Lionell Bayspoole and others. File 25 Jul 1579
NCR 25e/1397 Grant by William Aylone and William Leyre at the request of Joan widow of John Throkinton, Esq., executrix of the same John, to William Mendham of Aldebergh, of twelve pieces of land in Aldebergh File 1 Feb 1509
NCR 25e/1401 Grant by bargain and sale by William Mendham of Aldebergh, Thomas Waryn son of John Waryn and others to Richard Mendham of Aldebergh son of the aforesaid William and Robert Ward senior of Aldebergh, lands and tenements in Aldebrugh File 2 Nov 1534
NCR 25e/1408 Feoffment. William Tuthyll of Newton next Norwich, yeoman, and Robert Catwyn of Saxlyngham, yeoman, to Thomas Warde of Aldebergh, yeoman. File 18 Nov 1575
NCR 25e/1409 Indenture: Bargain and Sale (not enrolled). Lyonell Throgmerton of Bungay (Suff.), gent., to Thomas Ward of Alborough, yeoman. File 28 Oct 1581
NCR 25e/1411 Quitclaim. Lionell Throkmerton of Bungay (Suff.), gent., to Thomas Ward of Alburghe, yeoman. File 16 Jul 1582
NCR 25e/1417 Feoffment. John Hocker senior of Alburghe, yeoman, and John Hocker of Wylbye, his son, to Thomas Warde of Alburghe, yeoman. File 6 Oct 1591
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