Barnham Broom Estate Inventory list

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NCR 25f/1595 Feoffment by John Osborn of Bernham-brome to Robert Butler and Thomas Candeler, clerks, of a messuage in Brandon next Bernham Brome File 15 Feb 1519
NCR 25f/1597 Feoffment by Thomas Howes of Brandon next Barneham Brome at the request of John Curpere, clerk, rector of Brandon, to Richard Pratt, clerk, Robert Palmer, clerk, and others, of a messuage with land in Brandon File 3 Mar 1523
NCR 25f/1600 Quitclaim of Dower from John la Velye and Lucy his wife, former wife of Robert de Micleker, to Nicholas le Dymur de Berford and Alice, his wife. File 14 Sep 1293
NCR 25f/1609 Feoffment by John Hervy of Melton Magna, yeoman, brother and heir of Richard Hervy late of Norwich, yeoman, to John Manfelde senior of Barford, husbandman, Richard Vyncent of the same, husbandman and John Bobbes of the same, husbandman, of a messuage with croft and five acres, three rods of land in Barford File 7 Apr 1511
NCR 25f/1611 Grant. Gilbert le Palmere de Bekertune to John son of William le Erel of Bekertune, of a piece of arable land in Bekertun’ File nd
NCR 25f/1623 Quitclaim from Nicholas Cokefeld of Bernham to Robert de Helpeston, parson of the church of South Reppes, and Hugh Blythe. File 5 Oct 1377
NCR 25f/1624 Indenture and Counterpart. Robert de Bernham to Hugh Blithe. File 18 May 1379
NCR 25f/1626 Quitclaim from Philip Lary of Bernham to Hugh de Blyth. File 14 Mar 1379
NCR 25f/1630 Grant by John Nooth of Bernham Riskes to William Coo of Hengham, Richard Pyk and John Pyk of Hengham. File 1 May 1401
NCR 25f/1631 Feoffment by William Hobbys of Bernham, Thomas Hobbys senior of Becles and Edmund Redyng of Bernham, to John Lawys senior of Bernham, John Amerynghale of Fourho Carleton. File 9 Dec 1433
NCR 25f/1638 Quitclaim from John Sypton, chaplain, and Thomas Sypton’, chaplain, to William Tyllys of Runhale and John Cleye, chaplain. File 28 Jan 1451
NCR 25f/1642 Charter indented: Grant. John Laws son of Henry Laws late of Bernham Brome and John Laws son of Roger Laws of Ryskys to Roger Laws, John Laws son of the said Roger of Norwich, loder, and William Wyllyngton. File 16 Nov 1492
NCR 25f/1648 Manor of Barnham Brome. Extract from court roll. Admission of Thomas Lawes and John Lawes his son. File 21 Mar 1502
NCR 25f/1649 Quitclaim. Thomas Richeman of Norwich, worstead weaver, to John Lawes of Norwich, carrier. File 5 Dec 1504
NCR 25f/1652a Quitclaim from High Bandon’ parson of the church of Bernham, Philip de Carleton’ and James Banyard of Bernham to Alexander le Straunge of Bernham Riskes. File 12 Nov 1368
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