Bacon and Townshend Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Bacon of Stiffkey Series 1581-1601
MC 571/3, 778X4 Draft order of the Commissioners of Sewers re MC 571/2 File Sep 1600
MC 571/7, 778X4 Copy Privy Council order permitting the export of grain while under 20s. the quarter File 16 Oct 1603
MC 571/9, 778X4 Letter from John Goslinge to Nathaniel Bacon File nd [? 1604]
MC 571/10, 778X4 Petition to the Crown of Martin Hambleton of Heydon complaining that his mortgagees John Mingay gent. and Henry his son had colluded with his tenant, Edward Murton, to evict him and requesting a commission to include Nathaniel Bacon to examine the matter, with added Privy Council order dated 16 May 1604. File 1604
MC 571/14, 778X4 Draft letter from Bacon to Lord Rich File nd [? 1591]
MC 571/15, 778X4 Petition of the 'poor towne' of Eccles [by Thetford] to Sir Nathaniel Bacon complaining of his farmers John and Robert James ploughing the heath, nd (after 1604). File nd [? 1604]
MC 571/1, 778X4 Deposition of Thomas Syer, husbandman, of Longham concerning oppressive use made by John Ferrour, jun., of Gressenhall of bonds to secure the purchase of horses File 20 Feb 1581
MC 571/11, 778X4 Petition of Robert Cottrell [of Southrepps] to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere in consideration of his poverty to show mercy in the disposal of the purchase money of his property sold by Chancery order to William le Grys to pay his debts. File nd
Townshend of Raynham Series 1584-[? 1627]
MC 571/2, 778X4 Report on the condition of Terrington Sea Banks 'in great daunger' with recommendations as to repair File nd
MC 571/4, 778X4 Articles exhibited against Dr Burman [deputy vice-admiral for Norfolk] for encroachments on the admiralty jurisdiction of King's Lynn File nd
Bacon and Townshend Papers Series nd [? 1591]-1609
MC 571/13, 778X4 Letter from Henry Gawdy to his brother-in-law Sir Nathaniel Bacon File 6 Sep 1609
MC 571/16, 778X4 Letter from Elias Bate, Norwich [rector of Colkirk from 1623] to Sir Roger Townshend at the Barbican File 26 Jan [? 1627]
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