Bacon and Townshend Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 1872/3, 866X1 Manor of Stiffkey, John Momforth's account File 1573-1574
MC 1872/9, 866X1 Papers concerning militia File 1583-1616
MC 1872/14, 866X2 Depositions in Attorney General vs John Pigeon and others File 1597
MC 1872/20, 866X2 Overseers' accounts File 1599-1602
MC 1872/22, 866X2 Overseers' accounts File 1604-1605
MC 1872/23, 866X2 Overseers' accounts File 1610-1611
MC 1872/27, 866X2 Overseers' accounts File 1616-1618
MC 1872/32, 866X3 Copy letter from Privy Council re contributions towards king's debts, and note of proceedings at assizes re same File 1614
MC 1872/33, 866X3 Note of money due from Sir Henry Sydney to the town of Cromer for corn File nd
MC 1872/80/9, 866X3 Certificate of arms for the town of Lynn File 25 Oct 1608
MC 1872/80/14, 866X3 Extract from account of Sir Henry Hobart, receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, Michaelmas 1618-Michaelmas 1619, enclosing particular of (? Nathaniel Bacon's) estate in Suffolk and note of letter re same File [? 17 Jan 1619]
MC 1872/37-38, 866X3 Household and personal bills and accounts of Sir Horatio and Lady Townshend File 1659-1660
MC 1872/39, 866X3 Letter from Thomas Wants, Raynham, to Charles Viscount Townshend, Essex Street, London File 1698
MC 1872/41-77, 866X3 Household and personal vouchers of Lord Townshend File 1727-1728
Bacon Papers Series 1496-1635
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