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159 Archival description results for Asia

Bundle of miscellaneous papers

(a) Letter: Captain Robert Falcon Scott to Mrs Colman, dealing with 'The Discovery' being still ice-bound and its possible abandonment. Wildlife in the Antarctic is also mentioned. The Discovery, 30 January 1904.
(b-c) Act for granting a duty upon Servants, form to be completed showing numbers of servants, houses and carriages owned by any person, 1790-1791 (2 copies).
(d) East Kirkby (Notts). Religious meditation, 10 August 1791 (1 sheet).
(e) Lowestoft, Provident and District Society, Visitor's Monthly Report. District No. 6. Visitor: Miss Worthington. 1855 (1 sheet).
(f) Notice saying that the agents for the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society in Lowestoft are soon to call on the inhabitants for aid for the society, 28 Aug 1848 (1 sheet).
(g) Letter. Mrs Fanny Bentiles to N. Cole, esq., Lowestoft, 24 Oct 1855, explains the significance of a claim she has sent him and speaks of the difficulties of living in India. From Kunem Kulum, Penang, India. (1 sheet).

Some MS, some printed.

Copy of two letters re events in India

One from Robert Clive, at Calcutta, to a relative referring to 'the Grand Revolution affected in this part of the world by the forces under my Command' and the other by an unknown person describing battle near Cossimbagar, compensation offered by Jaffer Alley Cawn, and privileges extracted by the East India Company.

Robert Clive; 1725-1774; 1st Baron Clive of Plassey

Papers, mostly copies, concerning the French Revolution and Napoleon and Far Eastern affairs

Including Mme Daniel's account of the 5 October 1789 and other scenes of the French Revolution; account of the 10 August 1792 by de Durler, Captain of the Swiss Guard; 'Historie des deux soeurs Lanconniers', 1807; account of the death of Sir John Moore, 1809, letter from Captain Cole describing the taking of Banda, 1810; extracts from Colonal Taylor's journals describing storming of Fort Cornelis, the taking of Java etc., 1811-1812, with plans of battles; copy letter from Colonal Scott giving numbers killed in the Hessian Campaign, 1814; accounts of Paris, 1814-1815, and of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's journey to Elba and escape etc.; BOI 308/16 includes proclamation in it, 27 Feb 1815, with a translation by J.C. Franklin added, 2005; letter of G. Ellis describing expedition against pirates in Borneo and dethroning of Sultan, 1813.

Including also translation of account of Bengal by Ibrahim son of Candu, a Malay, nd; copy of letter from General d'Armfelt regarding Gustavus the mad king of Sweden, nd; account of sighting Major Blomberg's ghost with supporting letter of Wilby Steward Rose, nd; report by Alexander Stewart of attack by Malays on the Schooner Sara Prise, nd; begging letter from [William Smail] Clarrlaw near Howicj, asking for bagpipes, 1814; account held 'On the Sutledge 15 January '46' describing a battle with Sikh Cavalry; two letters from Amelia Opie to Sir John and Lady Boileau, 1846 and 1867; drawing of the Boileau arms.

Sir John Peter Boileau; 1794-1869; 1st Baronet, antiquary, Sheriff of Norfolk

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