Shelton, Bates and Wolverson Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
AG 4, 233X1 Indenture: Bargain and Covenant. William Gowle of Thurleton and Margaret his wife with William Gowle their son. File 4 Aug 1478
AG 6, 233X1 Charter: Grant. John Catour of Thurveton, senior, to Alicia Catour his wife and Edmund his son and John Gyllerd of the same, senior. File 30 Dec 1498
AG 10, 233X1 Charter: Grant and Conveyance. William Fygon of Thurveton, carpenter, and Elizabeth his wife to William Mekelburgh. File 20 Sep 1548
AG 11, 233X1 Indenture: Bargain and Sale and Counterpart. 1) John Hyllwell of Thurleton, yeoman. 2) John Stone of Haddescoe, husbandman. File 4 Oct 1558
AG 15, 233X1 Indenture: Lease for 20 years. 1) William Sendell of Thurlton, yeoman. 2) Miles Farrare of the same, husbandman. File 1 Jan 1638
AG 23, 233X1 Indenture: Lease for 6 months. 1) John Paterson of Thurlton, yeoman. 2) Henry Mickleburgh of Kirby Cane, linenweaver. File 5 Aug 1701
AG 28, 233X1 Articles of Agreement for purchase of messuage in Thurlton. 1) William Denny of Bernack, Northamptonshire, clerk. 2) Joseph Edwards of Thurlton, clerk. File 4 Oct 1706
AG 33, 233X1 Articles of Agreement between Benjamin Shipman, clerk, and William Batthelder of Hardley, gent., for sale of messuage in Thurlton File 25 Mar 1714
AG 39, 233X1 Indenture: Lease for a year. 1) Henry Lindowe of Reedham, yeoman. 2) Joseph Hunt of Thurlton, yeoman. File 1 Aug 1739
AG 40, 233X1 Indenture: Release of messuage and land in Thurlton. 1) Henry Lindow of Reedham, yeoman and Ann his wife. 2) Joseph Hunt of Thurlton, yeoman. File 2 Aug 1739
AG 41, 233X1 Covenant Bond. Timothy Mickleburgh of Gillingham St Mary, grocer, to James Benett of Aldeburgh (Suff.) clerk. File 7 Oct 1743
AG 44, 233X2 Indenture: Feoffment of land in Thurlton. 1) Christofer Pope and Susanna his wife of Thurlton, yeoman. 2) Jonathan Farrow, junior of the same. File 20 Jun 1754
AG 46, 233X2 Indenture: Lease for a year. 1) Elizabeth Mickelburgh of St George Hanover Square (Midd), widow, and others. 2) Jonathan Farrow the younger of Thurlton, Esq. File 17 Oct 1754
AG 53, 233X2 Thurlton and Hadiscoe. Account of tithes. File 18th century
AG 56, 233X2 Deed of Feoffment. William Haltway of Toft Monachorum, yeoman, to Henry Hunt of Hadscoe, taylor. File 8 Apr 1623
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