Deeds and Papers relating to the Bayning Family in the Honingham District and in Hampshire and Elsewhere Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
AF 307, 177X5 Mid-Norfolk Election papers File 1885
AF 310, 178X1 Indenture. Covenant to levy a fine on manor and land in Honingham. 1) Rt. Hon.Henry Lord Richardson. 2) Priscilla Baylie of Honingham, widow. 3) William Baylie of Honingham, gent. File 14 Jun 1701
AF 312, 178X1 Indentures of Lease and Release of manor and lands in Honingham. 1) William Baylie of Honningham, Esq. 2) Priscilla Baylie of the same, mother of (1). 3) Samuel Sowton of St Clement Danes (Midd.) gent. File 21-22 Feb 1705
AF 316, 178X1 Indenture. Lease for 500 years for securing £100 per annum for life of manor of Honingham in Coulton. Priscilla and William Baylie to Priscilla Baylie, junior. File 22 Sep 1711
AF 319, 178X1 Indenture. Assignment. 1) John Mackerell of Norwich, merchant. 2) Benjamin Wednoth of Thornborough (Bucks), Esq., and others. 3) Peter Finch of Norwich, gent. 4) Priscilla Baylie of Honingham, spinster. File 24 Nov 1715
AF 331, 178X3 Indenture. Lease of a farm in Honingham for 21 years. Charles Townshend, Esq., to John Wharton. File 22 Nov 1774
AF 332, 178X3 Articles on marriage of Rt. Hon. Charles Townshend, Esq., of Honingham and Miss Annabella Powlett Smyth File 20 Aug 1777
AF 335, 178X3 Indenture. Deed of Covenants for production of deeds. 1) Henry Daveney of Coulton, gent. 2) Rt. Hon. Charles Frederick Powlett Lord Bayning. File 3 Mar 1812
AF 336, 178X3 Indenture. Mortgage for payment of £300 and interest. 1) William Herne of Harkstead (Suff.), D.D. 2) William Payne of Norwich, gent. File 29 Sep 1731
AF 340, 178X3 Indenture. Mortgage for £7500 and interest. Rt. Hon. Charles Townshend to John Vernon, junior, Esq. Manors of Cockfields and Berries in East Tuddenham, estates belonging. File 24 Jul 1794
AF 349, 178X4 Draft abstract of title of Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Bayning to a house in Seymour Place, Mayfair File 1763-1801
AF 355, 178X4 Appointment by Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Bayning and Annabella Powlett Lady Bayning in pursuance of power reserved to them by their marriage articles File 1 Aug 1801
AF 356, 178X4 Copy will and condicil of William Powlett Powlett of Lamston House (Hants). Esq. File nd [25 Jun 1817]
AF 1, 174X1 Indentures of Lease and Release. Exchange. 1) Rt. Hon. Charles Townshend of Honingham. 2) Edmund Rolfe of Heacham, Esq. File 13-14 Jan 1780
AF 2, 174X1 Extract from Court Roll. General Court for the manor of Costeseey held 26 July. Admission of Windham Barnham son of William Barnham. File 26 Jul 1703
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