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Norwich, Norfolk Artist

William Freeman; 1784-1877; Mayor of Norwich, artist, magistrate; Norwich, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/5283
  • Person
  • 1784-1877

Son of Jeremiah Freeman, a freeman of Norwich, and friend of John Crome. Son William P.B. Freeman. Sheriff of Norwich 1842 and mayor 1843. Member of the Norwich Society of Artists. Died aged 93 in 1877. In 1845 he was living at Heigham Grove, Norwich. An amateur artist and member of the Norwich Circle. Sheriff in 1842, and mayor in 1843. Also Norwich magistrate.

Michael Bailey; fl 1944-; Eighth Air Force artist and historian; Norwich, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/20976
  • Person
  • fl 1944-

Michael Bailey grew up near Horsham St Faith and met many American airmen from the 2nd Air Division, USAAF, stationed there during the Second World War. He later became a print worker, artist and local historian. Many of his books and paintings feature the 2nd Air Division, B-24 'Liberator' aeroplanes and Horsham St Faith. His books include:
'Liberator Album: B-24s of the 2nd Air Division USAAF', by Mike Bailey and Tony North (1998); 'B-24 Liberator Groups of the 8th Air Force', by Mike Bailey (2007); 'The 458th Bomb Group in Norfolk: Pictorial History of the 458th Bomb Group at Horsham St Faith During World War' , by Mike Bailey (2007); Liberators Over Norwich: 'The 458th Bomb Group (H), 8th USAAF at Horsham St Faith, 1944-1945', by Ron Mackay, Mike Bailey and Darin Scorza (2010).

James Sillett; 1764–1840; artist; of Norwich

  • Person
  • 1764–1840

Born in Norwich, son of James Sillett of Eye, Suffolk. Apprenticed to an heraldic painter in Norwich, before moving to London, but he returned to Norwich in 1801 where he remained until his death, apart from four years when he lived in King's Lynn 1804-1808. In 1801 he married Ann Banyard of East Dereham and they had five children.

A member of the Norwich School of Artists, his work included miniatures, landscapes, and still lifes, but he was best known for his paintings of game, fruit, and flowers. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1796 and 1837, and was involved with the Norwich Society of Artists, serving as vice-president and president. He also worked as a drawing master.

William Bell-Armes; 1878-1933; artist and architectural draughtsman; Norwich

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  • 1878-1933

William Bell-Armes (1878-1933, hereafter WBA) is believed to have attended the Norwich School of Art and then worked for a number of local firms including Caleys/Tom Smith's crackers, Boulton and Paul and possibly Page Brothers. He was a contemporary and friend of Alfred Munnings and painted with him at times. Munnings also appears to have worked for Page Brothers and Caleys/Tom Smith's crackers. WBA lived in Norwich at 10 Esdelle Street (from the 1901 census when his occupation is recorded as an architectural draughtsman) and then 58 Plumstead Road (from the 1911 census where his occupation is still architectural draughtsman).

WBA was the son of William F. Armes (1852-1935) and Elizabeth Susannah Armes (1851-1936, daughter of John Bell). WBA married Maud Alice May Sutton (1884-?) . His siblings were Clement John Wayside Armes (1880-1965) and Harry Louis Armes (1882-1970). WBA's grandparents were Stephen Armes and Hannah Emma Armes (? nee Holt)