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Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield

From: J. Sharpe (North Walsham) re crimes and problems caused due to tenant farmers payment of labourers' wages on Sunday mornings. 11 Oct 1821: 1821: A. W. Hall (Southwark, near London) re fund for indemnifying Sir Robert Wilson from consequences of dismissal from Army. 23 Feb: G. Chetwynd MP (Westminster) re Vagrant Bill and Game Laws. 14 March: F. Howard (Ottery St. Mary) re Country Bakers' Act, weight of bread. 8 May: 1822: Robert Peel (Home Office) re Prison Act and Thetford Assizes. 11 Aug [Bacon p. 187]: 1823: Miles Beacon (Mulbarton House, Norfolk) re county reimbursement of man who arrested a turkey thief. 6 Jan: Revd James Browne (North Walsham) to Suffield (Vernon House) requesting support for enclosed petition (not encl.) on 'slavery of British factories'. 9 March [Bacon p.370]: Edward Hull (Liverpool) re Suffield's speech on Pluralities Bill and writer's own analysis of pluralities, state of Church of England, mentions Bishops of Durham and London, Lord Grey, Sir John Newport, writer's tract - 'Institution and abuse of ecclesiastical property', distribution and publishing problems (Murray and Rivington). 12 April; re encl. sermon (not encl.), crime increase, especially local. 13 April: Printed letter by John Dirsley (London) to Suffield re (own) political views and opinions of society (personalised). 11 May: George Washington Busteed (Rotherhithe, Kent) re abolition of slavery, Lord Goderich, colonial authorities' attitude in ignoring British government in treatment of freeborn, lack of religious teaching and education for them, need to notify Lords committee. 16 May: Henry Crosley (Camberwell, Surrey) re employment of slaves, Anti-Slavery Society committee, wants Suffield's patronage for enclosed (1 June) enclosing Crosley's 'Observations on the production of sugar by free labour': Henry Dover (at Christchurch) re [Norfolk] Quarter Sessions (Criminal Court). 20 June: John Baker (Mundesley, Norfolk) to Suffield (Vernon House) re county politics review, Norwich yeomanry committee meeting to choose candidate, mentions E. Lombe, [Richard Hanbury] Gurney, [E.G.] Keppel's letter and expenses problem re E. Norfolk candidacy, Tory opposition expected, need for money, mentions others to be asked - William Beecham (sic) [Beauchamp-Proctor], William [Howe] Windham and William L. Bulwer, excludes [John?] Weyland - unpopular as voted against Reform Bill, worry over Suffield's possible support for Weyland-would 'divide interest' and strengthen 'the old Tory faction'. 24 June; re Weyland, county politics, canvassing in Hundred, Windham, Reform Bill, Tories, confidence concerning Hundreds of Tunstead, Happing and own [North Erpingham?]. 22 July: Revd Edward Edwards (Marsden Parsonage, Huddersfield, Yorks., W. R. ) re achievements at Marsden, seeks offer of vacancy at Middleton [S.E.Lancs] or Aldborough [Norfolk] due to wife's health. 6 July: William Frere (at Malta) re writer's turn as Chairman of Norfolk Sessions postponed, mentions Copeman, Weyland, [Henry] Dover, congratulates Suffield on Norwich Assize Bill, opposition. 27 July: Edward Buller (Dilhorn Hall, Cheadle, Staffs.) requesting support for N. Staffs. candidacy, supports parliamentary reform and present government. 4 Aug: Sir John Peter Boileau (at Tunbridge Wells, Kent [Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk]) re writer's cousin, Edward Buller's candidacy - member of old Whig family, writer's Holkham visit, full employment of local poor, effect of Poor Law administration, worry over young Tory candidate's inexperience (8 Aug) and enclosing Suffield's reply re Gunton visit, Lady Suffield's pregnancy [Emily], illness of Coke and wife. 23 Aug: Edward Cole (Norwich) requesting Suffield's patronage of Norfolk and Norwich National School Society. 8 Aug: C. Bowles (Shaftesbury) re Bill to repeal Acts relating to bribery and corrupt practices in election of MPs-needs speedy implementation, Penrhyn [Edward G.D. Penrhyn-Shaftesbury MP, later Lord Pennant] and opponents' actions, [subject?], public and beer houses evils. 12 Aug: Joseph Brotherton (Salford, near Manchester) re writer's support for candidacy of J.W. Wood with Lord Molyneux for S. Lancs constituency, writer's own candidacy for Salford and support. 16 Aug: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re [?]. 26 Oct; re [?]. (11 Nov) and enclosing Sir James E. Graham (1st Lord of the Admiralty) to Coke re Norfolk Marines Association and Lt. Harmer (Graham's hand and marked 'private'). 9 Nov: sub-bundle:- 1) Suffield to [?] re. O'Reilly's case, House of Lords Slavery Committee, colonial witnesses and perjury, Suffield's evidence [Bacon pp.390-1): 2) re O'Reilly case: 3) R.M. Bacon (Costessey) re O'Reilly's speech; 4) Bacon re O'Reilly: Nov 1832: Peter Clare (Manchester) re letter received from Joseph Brotherton concerning problems over William Burge and Oldham candidacy, Joseph Sturge and letter from James Cropper of Liverpool, George Thompson-to lecture at Oldham, writer's many arrangements and activities in support of abolition - 'Holy Cause', Theophilus Smith [Agent/Steward-Middleton Hall], Oldham votes 'engaged', James Stephen's entering contest. 1 Dec; re meeting with Theophilus Smith, Burge, estimated voting figures for Cobbett and [John] Fielden, B.A. Bright and Burge, Stephen-too late, anti-slavery meeting, George Thompson's speech, Burge and slavery. 4 Dec: Elizabeth Fry (at Northrepps Hall, Norfolk) re enclosed tracts of society for Preventing the Punishment of Death, Report of British Society of Ladies for the Reformation of Female prisoners to Lady Suffield, hopes Lady Suffield will become patron of committee for visiting Wymondham prisoners, her gifts of biblical books to Suffield's children, respect for his views. 21 Dec. 1832 also including 6 other miscellaneous enclosures:- 1-4) Notes re oaths by Suffield: 5) Lord Castlereagh [Viscount, later 2nd Marquess of Londonderry] (Downing Street) to Edward Harbord re letter Harbord also wrote to Huskisson, electioneering, problems of Harbord standing with Lushington as [Yarmouth] candidates, Lushington- 'not a friend to government' (Sec. of State- War and Colonies). 1807 [Bacon p.30]: 6) Marked list of 49 MPs: William Crawford (Southampton) to S. Hoare re American methods of punishing prisoners, crime increase, English prison conditions, Criminal Law reform, capital punishment. 23 June 1832: 2 letters (labelled 'Election Matters' by Suffield) from R.M. Bacon (Costessey) to Suffield (Vernon House) (illegible) 1) dated 17 July 1832 and 2) nd.

Marked 'no. 4 examined and scheduled 1832 by R.M.Bacon'.

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

From: James White (Plymouth, Devon) re slavery petition, enclosed letter, Columbia situation [post 1824 independence] (29 Dec) and enclosing copy of letter re slavery in Columbia. Dec: 1827: Lord Dacre (The Hoo) re opinions on state of political parties, Whigs, 1827 Coalition, tendencies to absolute power of Crown, ['Lady C.'?], support for Wellington's administration, shares Suffield's opinions; re government, 1827 events, lack of trust in politicians, confusion, Suffield - his proxy, opinions on Wellington and opposition, ultra Tories-'they say that Lord Eldon is outrageous'. Jan-Feb: sub-bundle: 1) Revd J.T. Haughton (Middleton) re setting up in Middleton of Bible Society (MBS), comparison with Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), Suffield's visits to Middleton. 11 Jan [Bacon pp. 266-7]: 2) Suffield's reply re his opinion on MBS and SPCK (not Suffield's hand). Jan 14 [Bacon pp. 267-8]: Suffield (Vernon House) to Alfred Mallalieu re Bill relating to Friendly Societies, originators-Lord Dacre and T.P. Courtenay, tribute to Dacre. 19 April: Sir Francis Freeling (Secretary-General Post Office [GPO]) re Suffield's visit to GPO. 10 May [Bacon p. 273]: Suffield to Alfred Maitland re Maitland's dismissal as North Walsham postmaster, 13 May [Bacon pp. 273-4]: William Harvey (Police Commissioner-Manchester Town Hall) re Police Bill. 18 July [Bacon p. 275]: H.A. Broughton (Solicitor-Gt. Marlborough Street] re appropriation of funds by Brasenose College, Oxford from Middleton School. 18 Aug [Bacon pp. 275-6]: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re visit of Duke and Duchess of Clarence to Holkham, inability to attend Norwich meeting on 17 Oct, 'open court' (admission of reporters), asks Suffield to act for him. 3 Oct [Bacon p. 276]: Suffield's reply re decision to postpone motion, inability to act on subject of 'open court' while Chairman of Magistrates (not Suffield's hand). Oct 4 [Bacon p. 277]: H. Townsend (Herald's College, London) re Harbord family arms, Shirley family, Herbert pedigree. 17 Oct: Suffield's reply re family papers 'in present state of confusion', complications concerning Harbords and Herbert connection -'nothing to boast of', ancestry. 21 Oct: Revd J. Brown (Norwich) re disciplining of prisoners on treadmill, separation into 'classes' Dec 10: 1828: [Revd Richard] Durnford (Eton) re question of suitable histories for Harbor [Edward V.] who is working well, Alfred-not flogged, reprimanded for behaviour in chapel, Edward-glad to get game. 1828 [Bacon pp. 277-8].

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letters to and from Lord Suffield

W. Cavendish re Cambridge election; J. Neville White re Church of England Societies' anniversary; W. Simpson re surrender of copyhold at Woodbastwick in Salhouse; Amos Ogden re desolving the Middleton Mechanics' Institute; Circular from Cross Keys Bridge and Embankment Company; T.W. Coke and Francis Blaikie re timber tithe; W.L. Hanbury re anti-slavery cause in Ireland; Col. J. Wodehouse; Mr Slater wishing to borrow back his drawings of Lord Suffield's childern for exhibition; G. Crofts, Wells re lifeboat there; C.G. De Blauchy, Bristol and Mr Dalrymple enclosing statement from R. Parker, ship agent, Wells, and draft reply by Gurney; Joseph Brotherton re Salford Improvement Bill ; Sir W.B. Cooke re his policy as landlord; Meadows Taylor, Diss, petition re tithe laws; William Tooke re Diffusion of Knowledge Society; Edward Bailie re employment of the poor; W.G. Mason re fox hounds; J.H. Capper re Robert Beavis' conviction of sheepstealing; William Allen, Lindfield, re model cottages and allotments for the poor and seperately re School of Agriculture, sent from Stoke Newington; F. Townsend, College of Arms, re Lord Suffield's arms for a ship flag; Alfred Mallalieu seeking letter of recommendation; F Wayland, Wood Rising, re Swanton Bridge Committee.

Marked 'No.14 examined and scheduled R.M. Bacon'.

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letters to and circulars to Lord Suffield (including draft replies) on slavery and prison discipline

Includes draft circular of the Anti-slavery Society, 1829, and letter from T.F. Brixton concerning it; copy petition in part from the Congregation of Protestant Dissenters at North Walsham; Jerom Murch enclosing petition from Diss meeting; Robert Hankinson re West Bilney and Pentney petition; W. Isaac re riots at Gunton and prison experiment initiated by Lord Townshend; John Crisp re the presentation of anti-slavery petitions; Thomas Pringle re influencing the press in anti-slavery cause; various letters from George Stephen including re his father's death, his attitude to anti-slavery cause and Manchester and Salford Anti-Slavery Society enclosing circular; Thomas Dunn re petition from Sheffield; C. Kemeys Tynte, MP for Somerset, re petition; William Fulelrton Walker re Oldham petition; John Murray re petition form Glasgow; Lushington; John Childs, Bungay, re petition, James White, Plymouth, re petition; Lord Ramsey, William Andrews;copy amendment re whipping females; Elliott Crosson enclosing pamphlets from the American Colonialization Society; printed statement from Revd Thomas Roberts, Baptist minister, Bristol; letter and circular from A Rippingille re painting entitled Negro Emancipation.

Marked 'Slavery + Pris. Dis.'.

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Speech notes of the Hon. Edward Harbord/3rd Lord Suffield

Dated speeches (chronological order)

  1. 'Notes respecting new County Jail' - given to Prison Committee - re state of prisons 2 Sept 1820. [Bacon p.126].
  2. 'Notes … speech on presenting petition … Manchester sufferers' - re 'Peterloo', criticism of authorities' actions, abuse of law.1821.
  3. [Presentation of Norfolk County Petition] - re distress in England, pro-reform sentiments, taxes on commodities, 'the very first time of sitting and of rising in the House of Lords'. 15 Feb 1822. (no heading, paragraphed notes). [Bacon pp.161-4].
  4. 'Notes for my first speech in the House of Lords on presenting the Norfolk petition the day on which I took my seat in that House'. 15 Feb 1822. (fuller notes than no.3)

Spring Guns Bill (nos.5-9)

  1. [Notes for second reading of Spring Guns Bill]. 1825 [Bacon pp. 211-18].
  2. Newspaper extracts re Suffield's speech on Spring Guns Bill. (with written corrections).
  3. [Notes re question of gardens and woods] with newspaper extract. 1827 [Bacon pp. 253-6].
  4. [Notes re presentation of case]. (with underlining of text) [Bacon pp. 211-8].
  5. [Notes] - brief list of points. (no heading).

Game Laws (nos 10-11)

  1. 'Notes for speech on Bill for alteration of Game Laws'. 2 May 1828
  2. 'Speech on Game Laws'. (fuller notes than no.10)
  3. 'Bible meeting - Norwich - British and foreign Bible society'. 9 Sept 1829 (paragraphed brief notes).
  4. 'Notes for speech on Poor Law. 1830. (brief notes).
  5. Notes for speech at 2nd session - Epiphany - 1831 - Condition of labouring classes'. 1831. (paragraphed brief notes).
  6. 'Notes for speech - County Meeting'. 19 Nov 1831. re reform bill and his personal commitment to reform. (includes summary) [Bacon pp. 365-70].

Slavery (nos. 16-17)

  1. 'Notes of proposal for proceedings in Committee [on slavery] by Lord Harewood'. May 1832. re abolition campaign developments. (rough notes).
  2. 'Speech on East Indian slavery'. 9 Aug 1833. re Ceylon and Sumatra.
  3. 'Notes for speech on Eynesford Hundred Petition'. 12 May 1834. re agricultural distress.

Undated speeches

  1. [Speech notes on agricultural distress, parliamentary reform, Peterloo inquiry, Sir Robert Wilson]. [182?] (summary and fuller notes).
  2. [Speech notes on police duties] re recommendations for more effective policing, better pay.
  3. [Speech notes on Poor Law Amendment Bill] [1834] (paragraphed).
  4. 'Poor Bill' [1834] (rough notes).
  5. [Speech on Criminal Code] re inefficiency of capital punishment, problems with jurors [183?] (notes).
  6. [Speech notes for presenting of petition on jurymens' oath?] re problem of perjury due to severity of penal code, need for reform (incomplete or missing notes).
  7. 'Speech on moving a proviso against the flogging of females' (full text).
  8. [Speech notes relating to an unspecified institution].
  9. [Speech notes on slavery] (paragraphed notes).
  10. 'Motion of mine in the Lords: a humble address' re appointments to former slave colonies.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and associated correspondence

Lord Auckland stating his and Lord Suffield's coincidence of opinion on an unstated topic, 1832; Joseph Brotherton re reform movement in Manchester, 1832; Brotherton re wording of anti-slavery resolution, 1832; Christopher Hughes, Holkham, on penitential system in the U.S.A.
Marked 'used':
Samuel Bignold re progress of Norwichl (Assize) Bill, 1832; John B. Boileau jun., Lord Suffield's retirement as chairman of the quarter sessions, 1832; Lord Broughton re Norwich (Assize) Bill and introducing 'my very particular friencd' John Bellender Ker, 1832; Charles Cooper, Norwich, re the new Game Act, 1832; Robert Copeman, Aylsham, re Bill for effects of holding Norfolk lent assizes at Norwich, 1832; Lord James Graham, Admiralty, request for promotion of Mr Postle and of Commander Sharpe of the Coast Guard, 1832; circular letter thanking Lord Suffiield for subscribing to a fund to indemnify Sir Robert Wilson, MP for Southwark, 'dismissed... for praiseworthy conduct, misrepresented', 1822.

Marked 'no. 4'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Papers relating to the abolition of slavery

Includes copy letter from Henry Brougham to [Edward] Protheroe, 1830; notes of conversation with Lord Gorderick [Frederick John Robinson], 1832; amended printed petition for abolition of the slave trade, 1833; copy of affidavit of Caroline Hubé [of Manchester], a West Indian slave against 'His Grace'nd [after 1823]; notes of numbers of signatures on petition for abolition of slavery; abstract of information regarding the slave question. Bundle marked [in hand of Richard Mackenzie Bacon], 'Mem[ora]da - Slavery; [bundle number] 47'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and other writings by him

From: Harbord to Lord Suffield [1st Lord] re Commons committee decision [on election of self and Stephen Lushington], victory, personal political views, his voting plans, position regarding brother William, enclosed committee list (not encl.). 13 March 1807: Suffield's reply to Harbord (at Lincoln's Inn) advising him on his behaviour as Yarmouth MP, Yarmouth politics, Commons committee [re Harbord's election]. 19 March 1807 [Bacon p. 31]: Harbord (at Lincolns Inn) to Lady Suffield re possible appointment [Secretary to Lord Castlereagh] and opportunity missed for accepting it. 1808 [Bacon pp. 40-1]: Harbord (at Hockerill, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.) to [?] declining candidacy of Gt. Grimsby, Lincs. 13 Feb 1814 [Bacon p. 48]: Harriet Frampton (Weymouth, S. Dorset) to Harbord (Henbury House) expressing gratitude for ring made by him. 7 Oct 1816 [Bacon p. 49]: pamphlet by Edward Harbord - 'A word to the wise among the labouring classes resident at Blandford and its vicinity' re Blandford Savings Bank set up 31 Jan 1818: 28 Feb 1818: Henry Baring to Harbord (Henbury House) re [subject?], hunting, Lady Castlereagh at Aix-La-Chapelle, [Czar] Alexander [1], shooting. Oct 1818: Harbord (at Norwich) to 'Middleton Reformers' re reasons for refusal to present Address to Queen Caroline in company with Major [John] Cartwright and William Cobbett. 11 Oct 1820 [Bacon pp. 125-6]: Thomas William Coke (later 1st Earl of Leicester of Holkham] (Holkham Hall, Norfolk) to Suffield [3rd Lord] re shooting bet. 5 Oct 1823 [Bacon p.188]: Suffield's [3rd Lord] notes on Harbord/Suffield family history sent to Herald's Office. Oct. 1828: James Secker and other signatories (Middleton) re lawsuit against Brasenose College, Oxford concerning Middleton School funds. [1828]: Suffield's [3rd Lord] notes on expenses; jointure, children's education. n.d.: Copy of tribute to Sir Robert Shirley (died 6 Nov 1657) by Charles II, Brussels, 20 Oct 1657: also including:- 'Anti-Slavery monthly reporter', no. 12, 31 May 1826 (Suffield [3rd Lord] mentioned).

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft reply)

From: Revd J. Brown (Norwich Castle) re information given by prisoner on local crimes, gang, Thetford Assizes and transporting of prisoners, escape plan; re prisoner's evidence sent to Lord Melbourne, feels incendiaries better kept in separate 'classes' at Norwich, Swanton [Norfolk] fires; re prosecution of gang; re question of prisoners' removal to Thetford, escape plan: Feb-March: Samuel Fleming (Regent Square) to Suffield (at Holkham Hall) requesting financial help, (brother of Suffield's companion on European travels), also re circumstances-teacher, poverty, aged over 60, unable to find work. 7 Nov: Suffield to W. Postle re [North Walsham] petition against tithes. 2 Feb [Bacon pp. 338-9]: Suffield to Lord Melbourne re poverty of agricultural labourers, mentions Lord Salisbury and Lord Kenyon as likely to accuse government of delaying, 'Home Colonisation', emigration. 8 June [Bacon pp. 344-5]: also including:- Proceedings of Anti-Slavery Society meeting (13 April 1831) with Suffield as Chairman (Suffield's hand).

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and associated correspondence

From: John Stracey (Sprowston, Norfolk) re Assizes removal from Thetford to Norwich, Lord Tenterden's opposition; re Assizes removal, mentions Lord Tenterden and Peel; re Assizes removal, prisoners-travel problems, witnesses, Thetford. Feb-March: Lord Tenterden [1st Lord] (Chancery Lane) to Suffield (House of Lords) re enclosed letter (not encl.) from Lord Justice [Gardner]. 11 March: Theophilus Smith (Middleton Hall) re Address on Middleton School enclosed (not encl.), Suffield's liability to expense due to decision of Master of the Rolls, therefore Smith attempting reduction of estate expenditure: 28 Dec: 1831: J. Miller (Durham) expressing agreement with Suffield on pluralities, mentions Bishop of London. 31 March: Lord Radstock [2nd Lord] re Suffield's amendments on pluralities, [subject?]. March [Bacon pp. 371-2]: Richard Potter (Manchester) re meeting held at which opposition expressed to government's plan for education in Ireland but unrepresentative of local opinion, Suffield's help over Manchester petition on Reform Bill, considers Suffield must tell Lords truth about above meeting, Lord Kenyon's presenting petition on pluralities. 2 April: Baron Rubensoke re personal family distress in Prussia, Prince Hardenberg, difficulties, Church and State separation, Pluralities Bill, Bishop of Durham. 9 April: Sir John Newport (Jermyn Street) re Pluralities Bill. 16 April: E.G. Keppel (Hertford Street) re [East Norfolk] candidacy and intention to stand, a 'thorough Reformer' and pro-abolition, lameness. 7 June; (at Bransbury, N. Hants.) re candidacy withdrawal due to electioneering expense. (18 June) and enclosing R.T. Elwin (Norwich) to Keppel (copy letter) re selection committee ([A.] Hudson, [E] Lombe, [T.S.] Norgate, [?] Brightwell), possible candidacy of Keppel (the favourite), likely yeomanry support, expenses-'no half measures will do as the Tories will strain every nerve' (16 June); (at Hertford Street) re candidacy withdrawal intention. 20 June; (at Dover) re decision not to resign since presence (in Norfolk) not required. 7 Aug: W.H. Windham re candidacy, uncertainty re Keppel, declaration in support of abolition and 'independent' support to Lord Grey; re mutual meeting at Brookes, candidacy: June-July: enclosed together:- 1) Printed circular distributed by Lord Molyneux [later 3rd Earl of Sefton] (Croxteth Hall, S.W. Lancs.) addressed to electors of South Lancs.. 9 July: 2) Suffield (Vernon House) to Molyneux re election, supports Molyneux provided he advocates immediate emancipation of slaves. 15 July: Molyneux's reply (Arlington Street) to Suffield re circular, emancipation. July 20: T.S. Norgate (Hethersett) re dismissal of Aldborough [Norfolk] curate-Spurrel [Patron-Suffield]. 29 Oct. Suffield's reply re 'East Anglian' [Editor-Norgate], Suffield considered church reformer in parliament, Pluralities Bill, refutes allegations. Oct 30. Revd Robert Charles William Wilkinson (Middleton) re rector's death [James Archer], writer's curacy, Middleton affairs, Grammar School. 19 Nov [Bacon p. 279] and enclosing copy letter A.T. Gilbert (Principal-Brasenose College, Oxford) to Revd J.C. Wigram (Secretary-National Society for the Education of the Poor) re Suffield's appeal to Lords against Master of Rolls decision on Brasenose College, Society's application refused. 6 July: also including:- Invitation to peers wishing to attend coronation of William IV from the Earl Marshal. 4 Aug 1831 Vote of thanks from Court of Mayoralty (hand-written by Norwich Town Clerk) to Robert Grant MP and Suffield for ensuring passing of Bill for the removal of the Lent Assizes from Thetford to Norwich. 20 June 1832: Certificate re Suffield's resignation as a Chairman of Norfolk Quarter Sessions, gratitude. 17 Oct 1832: [?(Huntingdon) re gaol delivery of prisoners at Norwich, ringleaders at large. 10 March 1831: [correspondent?] re [Samuel?] Bamford's application. 7 March 1832: Bacon's notes marked 'no. 16 schedule'.

Marked 'used'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and draft replies from Lord Suffield and related documents

From: Suffield to Revd C. Heath re tithe case brought by Heath (not Suffield's hand). 31 Dec 1832: S.W.Stevenson (Mayor-Norwich) re Assembly Room celebrations on election of Keppel and Windham, praise for Harbord as chairman. 29 Dec 1832: William Tooke MP (Russell Square) re Truro campaign, slavery abolition, requests support for Climbing Boys (chimney sweeps) Bill. 3 Jan [Bacon p. 469]; re North London Hospital, University junior school, request for tickets to King's opening of Lords Session, Chimney Sweep Bill. 24 Dec; re - Chimney Sweep Bill, enclosed letter (not encl.), Whigs; 30 Dec: Henry M. Waller (Foulsham, Norfolk) re invitation to Suffield to attend unveiling of Coke's portrait at Corn Exchange, approval of Harbord's speech at election dinner of [E.G.] Keppel and [W.H.] Windham. 13 Jan: Zachary Macaulay re analysis of Commons evidence on [slavery?], committee meeting. 15 Jan: Sir George Washington Stephen (Coleman St.) re dissatisfaction with Lord Melbourne and government, slavery, Suffield's earlier advice to support government. 25 Jan; re Duke of Richmond and complaints re Stephen's writings, 'O'Connellising', re-appointment of committee [slavery?] 7 Feb; re petition [subject?], writer's travelling to south coast to enjoy 'watering places', mentions T.F. Buxton, 'feverish' atmosphere [slavery]. 28 Feb; re writer's amendment to Bill, criticism of 'The Times' and press in general, 'petty jealousies of the scribbling race,' Suffield's ill health, mentions Buxton, Gunton. 26 Sept; re enclosed pamphlet [on Poor Law?] (not encl.), Bucks, estate problems, earlier work as collector of evidence re Queen Caroline on Continent. 22 Nov; re Suffield's pamphlet, ideas on Poor Law reform (maintenance of children). 7 Dec: Rowland Hill (Bruce Castle [School], Tottenham, Middx.) re meeting of Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, enclosed pamphlet (not encl.), poor, general comments. 23 Feb: [Washington Bustead?] (Tralee, Ireland) re petition enclosed (not encl.) [subject?], writer feels wronged-therefore leaving Ireland. 6 March: William S. Phillips (Liverpool) re Suffield's presenting petition on penal code, petition on flogging. 23 March [Bacon p. 422]: Prince Adam Czartoryski (Grosvenor Square) covering letter re enclosed, mentions Buckton (10 April) and enclosing 3 documents on problems of Poles (esp. exiles) and Poland: Edward Ash (Norwich) to Suffield (Vernon House) re anti-slavery cause, proposed meeting to be presided over by Harbord, propriety of actions of Norwich Branch (22 April) and transcript included of letter from Dr John Crisp (Norwich) re anti-slavery meeting at Norwich (22 April): Berkeley Westropp (Secretary-Royal Humane Society) re Lt. Jehosophat Leigh and his bravery. 2 May: W. Withers (Holt) re book on acacia tree; re forestry: May-Dec: John Webber (Tiverton, Devon) re tithes, church reform - 'overgrown establishment'. 9 May: C.E.Branfill (Upminster Hall, Romford, Essex) covering letter re tithes, landowners' problems re estimations, corn prices fluctuations (13 May) and enclosing writer's printed letter (27 April 1833) addressed to Lord Althorpe MP on latter's measure for commutation of tithes in England: Thomas Beaumont (Bradford, Yorks., W.R.) re petition (not encl.) from Bradford doctors, slavery, considers Buxton and Committee a disappointment, praises Suffield. 13 June: Joseph Ridley (Hexham, Northumberland) to Suffield (House of Lords) re choice of Lords to present petition (not encl.), voluntary churches, praise for Suffield on slavery cause, petition. 20 June: Thomas Parkin (Dudley, Worcs.) re Suffield's participation in Separatists' Affirmation Bill, problems re oath taking and conscience, need to widen provisions of Bill, mentions Duke of Sussex. 13 Aug: J. Brotherton MP (House of Commons) re Factory Bill and writer's alterations [MP-Salford]. 20 Aug: 8 page printed document issued by Committee of the Society for Diffusing Information on the Subject of Capital Punishment (p.iv re introduction of Bill in Lords by Suffield). 21 Aug: John T. Barry (London) re sentencing of Mary Wright and enclosing editorial from 'The True Sun' (5 Aug 1833) re capital punishment and Wright's case at Norwich. 20 Sept: William Alexander (Gt. Yarmouth) re use of Suffield's frank. 19 Dec: also including:- 3 printed circulars re Wilberforce family and Wilberforce fund. Aug and Dec 1833: Unsigned note re Antigua court case. nd: Biblical text.

Marked 'no. 17 examined and scheduled by R.M. Bacon'.

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letters to and papers of Edward, Lord Suffield, relating to the anti-slavery question and petitions supporting abolition

Letters from the Reverand William Marsden, chairman of the Manchester Anti-Slavery Committee, Z. Macauley, and J.E. Good of the Salisbury Anti-Slavery Society, 1826.
Pamphlets, notes for speeches, letters re petitions etc. from James Denham, Stewartstown, Ulster, Robert Wilson, Mearns, Renfrewshire, W. Lloyd Caldicot, Bath, Joseph Price, Alcester, John Buchan, Wesleyan Mission House, London, and G. Marsden, Bloomsbury.
List of petitions and list of anti-slavery MPs.

Marked 'Slavery 1833'

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

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