Using Your Browser

1 Use the Back and Forward buttons to work through pages you have already seen

  • By right-clicking on the Back and Forward buttons you can display a list of pages and select the one required, rather than clicking each page individually.

  • Select the bottom-most entry in the list and then right-click again to open another selection.

2 Adjust the font size

Applies to the current tab only. Changes stored for next time.

  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of your screen.

  • Under Zoom, use -/+ to adjust the font size as required.

3 Viewing multiple descriptions using tabs

NB:opening a new browser window requires logging-in again.

  • Log in.

  • Click on the New Tab icon - the plus sign at the top of the screen.

  • Browse to the Staff version of Atom.

4 Use your mouse to copy text from a web page

  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the required text.

  • Holding down the left mouse button, sweep the mouse over the required text and release the left button.

  • Press Ctrl+C or select with the right mouse button to copy the text.

5 Truncated text

Large amounts of text are not immediately displayed; only the beginning portion. To see all the text click on the button with chevrons.

6 Find on Page

Use Ctrl+F to open the search box. NB: truncated text must be displayed to be searched: see above.